Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just finished The Prideful Soul's Guide to Humility, by Jones and Fontenot. I have read four or five books on humility, and this is the best. It is an excellent guide for someone that wants to encourage humility and whither pride. This subject should matter greatly to you. Your conversion and your sanctification depend upon growth in humility. In fact, you will only become Christ-like to the degree that you first become humble.

As the author notes, “It [humility] is the fundamental of all fundamentals. It is what Andrew Murray called ‘the cardinal virtue’ and ‘the only root from which the graces can grow.’ It is the queen of all attitudes. It is the soul of discipleship. It is the one attitude of heart and mind that we must be most concerned about. It is the one quality, above all else, for which to pray.” (pg 11).

The author goes on, "Our biggest problem, however, is not found in admitting that we have pride.  Our biggest problem lies in taking it seriously." (pg 18). We consider adultery, fornication, theft, lying and a host of other sins more serious than pride. Yet, in God's eyes, pride is the great sin. The problem is that we don't see it that way. To us pride is a minor irritation.

This book is powerful medicine for our greatest disease. I can't reccomend it enough. It strength lies in its power to convict. The authors seem to understand pride thoroughly, and they consistently stab the sword of conviction deep into the reader's heart. It takes a thorough acquaintance with ones own heart to be able to do this.

Often the best books have the ugliest covers. This is no exception.

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  1. Chris Frick2/19/10, 4:18 PM

    Thanks for recommending good books, Pastor Bill.
    This post was a convicting summary. May we humble ourselves by grace to seek to receive more grace!