Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The EagleChanning Tatum, Jamie Bell and Donald Sutherland star in director Kevin Macdonald’s historical epic film The Eagle (Rated PG-13). Adapted from Rosemary Sutcliff’s novel “The Eagle of the Ninth” this film lands us in the year 140AD in the northern part of Great Britain where we meet a young Roman centurion named Marcus Flavius Aquila (Tatum).

Twenty years earlier Aquila’s father was serving as commander of the ninth Roman legion in North Britain where he and all his men mysteriously disappeared along with a Roman eagle standard. Aquila’s father was the last to hold the eagle standard and questions of his loyalty to Rome have plagued the family since. Determined to redeem his family’s honor Aquila serves as a Roman centurion who has been posted in Britain as a garrison commander. However, an unexpected battle wound puts an early end to Aquila’s military career leaving him depressed and restless.

While living at his Uncle’s (Sutherland) estate in southern Britain, Aquila hears rumors that the eagle standard has been sighted in Nothern Britain. Aquila decides to recover the eagle with the help of his British slave Esca (Bell). While traveling through north Britain Aquila and Esca encounter one of the survivors of the ninth legion, Guern. Recalling the ambush twenty years earlier Guern remembers the eagle standard was taken by the Seal People. Continuing on their travels Aquila and Esca encounter the Seal People several weeks later. Lying to protect Aquila, Esca identifies himself as a chieftain’s son fleeing Rome and introduces Aquila as his slave. Because of Esca’s family station the two are accepted as guests of the Seal People.
Eventually Aquila and Esca leave the hospitality of the Seal People. Whether or not they have found the eagle and have it in their position is up to you to discover. While there was no sexual content and I don’t recall much profanity, if any, I do not necessarily recommend this film. The Seal People were barbaric in appearance and action and I found them to be frightening. I also found I was a little bored in places, but not for lack of action. If you do watch this film, I recommend renting it. Don’t waste your money at the theater....Stephanie Spurgetis

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