Monday, May 21, 2012

Pastors and Spiritual Warfare

I recently listened to a talk by David Montgomery, the Senior Pastor at Sojourners church in Louisville, KY. In a talk he gave at the 2011 Plant Conference he said the following.

“Over 1400 protestant ministers leave their position each month. Over 70% of pastors do not have someone whom they consider a close friend. 25% of pastors experience a forced resignation from the ministry and half of those never return to the ministry. Half of the pastors marriages end in divorce. 70% of pastors continually battle depression. 80% of pastors and 85% of their spouses feel discouraged in their roles. 80% of seminary grads will never enter into full time ministry. 50% of pastors would leave ministry if they could. 40% of pastors have had an extramarital affair since entering ministry. 80% of pastors wives feel their husbands are overworked. 80% of pastors feel they were inadequately prepared for the ministry. 70% of pastors only read the Bible to prepare for sermons.”

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  1. While it saddens me to learn these statistics, it does not surprise me in the least. At three out of the eight churches I have attended in my life, a pastor has had an extramarital affair that came out publicly. It was never handled properly or biblically by any of these churches.

    My father was a pastor for four years, and I could see the stress this placed upon him. Fortunately he returned to another career that he loved and the Lord has blessed him. It is my hope that the pastors of GCF recognize that the members of our church care for them deeply.