Friday, October 5, 2012

Washington Examiner Publishes Discrepancies Concerning Obama's History!

The Washington Examiner has published a report showing vast discrepancies between the way Obama has described his past and what actually happened. You can read it here. It is worth ten minutes.

Speaking of politics, Believers must never forget Paul's words in Acts 17. Nations rise and fall on God's foreordained schedule. This happens so that we will not depend upon human institutions, but rather trust in the living God (Acts 17:26-27).

Our ultimate citizenship is heavenly. It is not American.

The United States has an expiration date stamped on it. It will not last one minute longer than it fulfills God's sovereign purposes. So, "put not your trust in Princes, in men in whom there is no salvation." Don't let your joy diminish one megabit over the results of the November elections.


  1. I love your words in that last paragraph..

    I do tend to think that we must be careful to add some caveats in expressing escatological resignation however. Folks like William Wilburforce or Martin Luther probably had just as much incentive to be down as we have today, yet God used them for revival.

    Revival will be religious at it's core however, and the political revival may or may not follow. Many folks think that Politics is the be all and end all - but God may well be using bad politicians and bad to prune, trim and revitalize his people.

  2. The link does not work...